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As a senior CG Artist with over a decade of experience as a Camera Layout/Previsualization Artist, Character Animator and Rigger, and having worked in everything from movies, video games, and TV commercials, I've acquired a varied set of skills that allows me to fill many roles.
I've done Final Animation for TV Features, Commercials and Movies. Rigging for TV Commercials. Previs and Camera Layout for Movies and AAA Video Game Cinematics, including Previs Modeling, Rigging and Previs SFX.

I have good camera skills that allow me to clearly and dynamically tell a story without distracting the Audience or deterring from the narrative with good composition and editing.
My Character Animation skills have strong weight, balance and timing based on reality.
Knowing how to rig and skin characters well, helps me expand my animation skills exponentially.
Ever since I was little I have always been known to draw and sketch. I have an affinity to design characters. Drawing is something I just enjoy.

I love what I do because it allows me to work for talented people such as directors Robert Zemeckis, Francis Lawrence, Mark Webb, Simon Wells and James Cameron.

I'm proud of all my work, including my earliest. Feel free to browse through my humble page and see what I'm about.

Sketches and Drawings

Work History

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Worked on the Avatar sequels. Was usually given technical of tasks, such as rigging, cloth sim and heavy animation. I also learned Weta specific tools like Atlas and Redbox.

Lightstorm - Jun2017-July2020
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Worked on a video game meant for steam that did not get released.

Simutronics Corp. - Oct2020-Jan2023
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A Studio dedicated to Animations for the Medical field. They do not shy away from interactive and A.R. content. I like the technicality of the Animations and being in charge of a project from beginning to end.

Infuse Med - Jun2017-July2018
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A very versatile Studio that focuses on TV and original content. I had the opportunity of working on some fun Pre-vis spots for TV commercials like Tekate, Rise of Tyrants, Verizon, and a few more.

Psyop - Jun2015-May2017
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I've been working at Sony in San Diego seasonally for several years.
I do manly Camera Layout on AAA video games. Knack, Killzone 3, InFamous 2, and the yet-to-be-released Days Gone and God of War.

SCEA - Jul2010-Feb2017
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A very small shop where I did several Pre-vis and Animation stints during a year on several commercials. Cheetos, Fantastic Four Denny's commercial, Snickers and a few others.

Woodshop - Apr2015-Dec2015
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A now dormant Pre-vis Studio, while working here we worked on some well known movies doing Mainly Pre-vis and Pitch-vis. We worked on The Hunger Games Mockingjay 1 & 2, Fantastic Four and Pitch-vis for Amazon Video among other projects.

CavalryFX - Mar2014-Mar2015
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A very well known and prestiged Animation Studio. I was in the Layout Department, which not only includes Camera Animation, but basic Character Animation and storytelling. I worked on several shorts like Goldfish, League of Legends, and a Halo 4 commercial.

Blur - Aug2012-Dec2012
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I've worked here twice, once in 2011 and another in 2012.
The first time on Green Lantern as a Layout Artist, and the second on Spider-Man also as a Layout Artist.

ImageWorks - Dec2010-Mar2012
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Another very prestiged Pre-Visualization Studio. I worked on Spider-Man exclusively over the span of almost a year.

Proof - Jun2011-Mar2012
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A high quality Special Effects Studio. I was brought in to do Pre-vis for their internal project Skyline, but stayed to do Animation for Jonah Hex, Gulliver's Travels, and Battle L.A.

Hydraulx - Dec2009-Feb2009
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A big name Studio in the Pre-vis world. I had the pleasure to work for them before they got so big. I did Pre-vis and Camera Layout for Resident Evil 5, Eagle Eye, Starcraft 2, C&C:Red Alert, the Walk, and Mars Needs Moms.

The Third Floor - Aug2007-Nov2009
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A boutique sized Studio in Studio City dedicated to commercials and Cinematics for games. While working here I did Animation for the game trailers for [Prototype] and Brutal Legends.

Tigar Hare - July2007August2007
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A force to be reckoned with in the South. This Animation Studio is where I got my CG wings. I worked here mostly as a Character Setup and Animation Artist. Our projects were many, but the most rewarding were the multiple Sesame Street projects.

Magnetic Dreams - May2005-Dec2006

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